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With the slogan "Inspiring Heart and Soul" Rocks & Music will be your local Rock Shop and Music Store where one passion will meet the other passion. Tony has been collecting rocks, minerals and fossils since he was very young. In the middle of the seventies he purchased his first records on vinyl and worked as a DJ in the 80’s. Selling and buying records started in 1988 and continued till 2002. The interest in a wide variety of music resulted in an enormous collection vinyl and cd’s. In the 80’s he travelled twice to Australia to fossick for gemstones, minerals, rocks, etc. This was continued in the 90’s. With the love for opal he and his brother started mining for this illusive gemstone in Yowah, South West Queensland. In 2002 a visa was obtained to make opal mining and cutting opal more professional. In 2009 he left Australia and has been selling opals and other Australian rocks on the shows through Europe. In 2012 the idea came up to combine both interests into a new project "Rocks & Music".


The shop is located at

Beltrumseweg 9b
7151 ET Eibergen



Telephone/Fax: 0031(0)545 286647 with answering service.
Mobile Tony: 0031(0)681621853

What I do:

In general I will be buying records, cd’s, dvd’s, stereo equipment and rock/mineral/fossil collections. I am always interested in private collections and will make you a decent offer, you can’t refuse. Big collections are not a problem. I will come for a visit and have a look and take my time to make a considerable offer. Basically, what I buy is what I sell. You also can buy plastic lp-covers, inner sleeves, Jewel cases and other related items. What I don’t stock I might be able to order for you.


Vinyl; singles, maxi-singles and lp’s.
Digital; cd’s, cd-singles, cd-maxi’s, mini-discs, dvd’s, etc.
Stereo equipment; record players, amplifiers, md-players, cd-players, speakers, etc.
Miscellaneous; music books, music video’s and anything else music related.
Rock section:
Minerals, fossils, gemstones, opals, etc.


Minerals, fossils, gemstones, opals, etc.


Opening hours:

                       Wednesday   12.00 - 21.00 (22.00) hours.
                       Thursday        12.00 - 21.00 (22.00) hours.
                       Friday              12.00  - 21.00 (22.00) hours.
                       Saturday         10.00  - 18.00 hours.
                       Sunday            13.00 - 18.00 hours

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